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Peripheral neuropathy is rarely corrected with drugs and medications:

At best they may temporarily relieve some symptoms because none of the drugs on the market address the true underlying causes of neuropathy. The reason is loss of blood circulation, which reduces the nutrient and oxygen flow to that nerve and results in damage.

Are you experiencing:

  • Numbness and tingling in the feet or hands?
  • Burning, stabbing, or shooting pain?
  • Loss of balance and coordination?
  • Muscle weakness, especially in the feet?

… if so you might have neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy is a disease afflicting 20 million people in the United States. That's about one out of every 17 and most are over the age of 45.

What if we could offer you an alternative?

At Advanced Chiropractic Wellness Center we offer a proven protocol that has been highly studied and FDA approved which is designed to help your body heal itself.

The protocol we use has helped patients across the nation who've been in your very shoes improve their neuropathy by 60 to 90%. They've suffered with neuropathy for decades with no hope in sight. To see if we can help you too, claim your voucher now!

Meet Our Practice:

Advanced Chiropractic Wellness Center

Chiropractic called me to it. After graduating from Vassar College with a B.A. in geology I spent 3 years essentially avoiding going to grad. school for a masters degree. One morning lying in bed I let go of the idea of pursuing a career in geology or earth sciences and opened my mind to all possibilities. I realized that what I was naturally good at was healing touch, and what I was interested in was that connection with people's essence. And so on that morning I decided to become a chiropractor. Keep in mind I had never been to a chiropractor, nor did I have any idea I would have to pick up and move down to Hayward California from my comfortable home in Oregon.

When I first learned about the philosophy of chiropractic I knew why I was called to do this profession. As far as I am concerned I have one of the best jobs in the world. I get to spend my days helping people heal, to reconnect with their full potential, to live better lives.

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